What is a business services marketplace?

It is an online/e-commerce platform of comprehensive business services.

What are the benefits of becoming an Optivity Partner?

Optivity helps you generate more sales and also partners with you to optimise your business.

How does Optivity help me generate more sales?

As an Optivity Partner we provide you access to a larger client base and help you with; targeted sales and advertising campaigns, co-designed business network events and new revenue streams from referral business.

How does Optivity help me optimise my business?

Within the Optivity group there are experienced transdisciplinary specialists who are also Optivity Partners, they contribute their skills, time and expertise to develop and grow your business.

How do I become an Optivity Partner?

Send us an email at info@optivity.co.za and we will send you the Partner selection process and application forms.

Can Optivity help me reduce my operating expenses?

Absolutely, we provide you with pre vetted contingent specialists resources for when you need them, which means you don’t have to have these resources on your payroll, only when you need them.

Can Optivity help me with project implementation?

Yes we can, we have experienced contingent project management experts on call.